RD-Antenna Design PD Manager(需求人數:不限)
  ◎ 職務內容說明
【職務編號】 DA11209 
【職務類別】 機械設計主管 
1.Communicate with customer;
2.Help Business Unit Management / Business Development in the decision of the
feasibility and technological merit of new opportunities.
3.Drive continuous improvement through trend reporting analysis and metrics
4.Assure that procedures and work instructions are efficient and not redundant.
 Offer new ideas and suggestions for improvement.
5. Demonstrate a commitment to customer service; anticipate, meet and exceed
expectations by solving problems quickly and effectively; making customer
issues a priority

Employee and Team Development:
1.Identify individual and team strengths and development needs on an
ongoing basis.
 2.Create and/or validate training curriculum in area of responsibility.
 3.Coach and mentor technician staff to deliver excellence to every internal
and external customer.
 4. Create and manage succession plans for technicians and management

Performance Management:
1.Establish clear measurable goals and objectives by which to determine
individual and team results (i.e. operational metrics, results against project
timelines, training documentation, attendance records, knowledge of
operational roles and responsibilities, personal development goals).
2.Express pride in staff and encourage them to feel good about their
3. Drive individuals and the team to continuously improve in key operational
metrics and the achievement of the organizational goals.
4. Ensure recognition and rewards are managed fairly and consistently in area of

Recruitment and Retention:
1. Recruit and interview engineering staff.
2.Communicate criteria to recruiters for position candidates.
3.Monitor team member turnover; identify key factors that can be improved;
make improvements.
【職務分類】 高階人才 
【工作性質】 全職 
【接受身份類別】 上班族   
【詳細工作地址】  江蘇省無錫市  
【工作待遇】 面議 
【可上班日期】 不限 
【上班時段】 08:00-17:00 
【休假制度】 依公司規定 
 ◎ 公司相關資料
【年齡限制】 依據就業服務法,取消年齡限制
【工作經驗】 6年以上工作經驗 
【學歷要求】 大學   
【科系限制】 工程學 
英文 精通 精通 中等 精通
A. 本職務所需之電腦技能專長
  1. 辦公室應用 --
2. 作業系統 --
3. 程式設計 --
4. 資料庫 --
5. 繪圖軟體 --
6. 網頁技術 --
7. 多媒體軟體 --
B. 本職務所需之相關駕照
C. 本職務所需之相關認證
D. 本職務其他工作條件限制
【職務有效期限】 額滿截止
 ◎ 應徵方式
【職務聯絡人】 Phily
【聯絡E-mail】 service@unijob.com.tw