UNIJOB ON LINE has a comprehensive human resources management team composed of human resources coordinators specialized in all fields, and is able to deliver diverse services to both hiring companies and candidates.
The UNIJOB database collects worldwide professional candidates in all industry fields (hence the name Uni). In order to provide a seamless solution to meet customer requirements, our database includes outstanding Chinese professional candidates from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and candidates who wish to work in developed countries such as Europe and North America as well as in emerging markets.

To deliver human resources for Chinese professionals on a universal scale.
To provide a total solution that meets our 3A criteria:
A class services
A class candidates
A class consultants
  Consultations and strategic recommendations for corporate organizations.
Consultations on competitive salary and benefit packages.
Corporate hiring analysis including pros and cons and niche identification, as well as flexible consultations and recommended planning.
  Clients in all sectors.
Professional human resources consultants
Universal Chinese professionals talent database
Head Hunting (for middle and high level positions):
Recommend talents that are suitable for middle level positions.
Temporary Staffing:
Help stabilize manpower to meet employment strategies and fluctuating human resources requirements in low/high seasons.
HR Outsourcing (Recruitment outsourcing)
Provide external HR services to corporations that have long-term or massive recruitment plans.
In-depth Consultation Services for Hiring Companies and Candidates
Provide up-to-date employment and career information to job applicants and hiring companies.

HR Management Consultation
Deliver HR management consultation concerning corporate policies and management requirements based on labor laws and the corporation’s operational philosophy, mainly including:
Establishment and implementation of regulations
Salary/reward system and evaluation system management
Organization climate diagnosis and recommendations on solutions
Other kinds of management consultation and research cooperation proposals


Northern Taiwan:
16F., No.777, Jhongshan Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan
Mid-Taiwan Headquarters:
12F-3, No. 378, Sec.1, Wenhsin Rd., Taichung City.
TEL:04- 23203896


Head Hunting (for middle and high level positions):

1. Middle and High Level Head Hunting:
  Talent recommendation for middle and high level positions (head hunting) is a kind of talent selection channel mandated by the hiring company to an external HR management company, which can provide suitable candidates for management positions efficiently through the HR management company’s connections and talent database search.
2. Service Process:
1. Evaluation of the hiring company’s requirements:
Interview with the hiring company to understand its corporate organization and current HR policies
Understand the job vacancy and the responsibilities, objectives, and possible career development of each position.
2. Talent requirements listing:
The hiring company lists the requirements for each job position, including educational and career background, and related benefits, rights, and obligations.
3. Contracting:
The hiring company and UNIJOB enter into a contract based on the agreed service items, service schedule, service charges, and other agreed items including details of responsibilities.
4. Talent search and candidate interview:
UNIJOB establishes a recruitment project and starts to search and interview possible candidates.

5. Candidate recommendation

6. Assistance to the hiring company for the second interview and notification of successful placement.
7. Follow-up services and warranty provisions
UNIJOB establishes a recruitment project and starts to search and interview possible candidates.